Ambon Boenda Artisan Layers Cake

We believed in tradition, authenticity, healthy, fresh, and continuity of layers cake receipts that passed down generations after generations.

We are the pioneer in honeycomb cake in KL-Malaysia. Honeycomb cake is a very popular “kuih” from Indonesia, a 3rd largest city called Medan, where very good layers cake can also be found in the city. The cakes popularity has overwhelmed its borders and travelled all over the world. LAYERS CAKE & HONEYCOMB CAKE, a cake that can’t do when you travel back to your hometown or celebrate your any occasions, festive seasons or as a souvenir to bring anywhere.

traditional indonesian layer cake
traditional indonesian layer cake
traditional indonesian layer cake
traditional indonesian layer cake

A Gift With Heart & Smile

Layer cake also known as kuih lapis, originates from Indonesia. The many layers of the cake is carefully baked one after the other, in creating unique stripes effect, where it also symbolizes the many sweet and happy moments in great abundance. Truly, a cake can’t do without in celebration of abundance joy and happiness moments.

Honeycomb cake also known as Bika Ambon, which is made from traditional recipe passed on for generations, prepared and baked over lengthy hours with true passion towards perfection. Honeycomb cake have a refreshing taste, lightly sweetened, chewy textures and beautiful honeycombs looks from top to bottom.

traditional indonesian layer cake

Happy Customers

Layers of great flavour & authentic ingredients put in together with heart & soul! Ambon Boenda's layer cakes really makes us smile!


Coffee and cake at Ambon Boenda Bakery are wonderful! I can find the original Indonesian layer cakes there.

Petaling Jaya

The most delicious Indonesian layer in town; looks spectacular when cut, and tastes even better than it looks!